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Wyoming Farm Ranch & Hemp Expo


Wyoming Farm Ranch & 
Hemp Expo

presented by
Wyoming Hemp Company and Star Expos, LLC

September 6-7, 2023


The Inaugural Wyoming Farm, Ranch & Hemp Expo is set for September 6-7, 2023 in two locations;
EWC and Wyoming Hemp Company!

Reserve your booth(s) today!

This is a Two Day Event in Two Locations; EWC and the Wyoming Hemp Company.

Note: Exhibitors are getting 2 booths for the price of 1!  We don't want anyone to miss you at one location or the other, so you will receive a booth space at each location.

Show Schedule

Show opens at 9 AM both days.

Wednesday will feature horse training demonstrations by Bryce Combs, Mike Callicrate from St. Francis, KS and an Ag Panel in Torrington and Field demonstrations and Mill Tours in Hawk Springs.

Thursday in Torrington, we have Dr. Tom Noffsinger on tap to share his cattle handling expertise as well as an ag panel and more horse demonstrations and in Hawk Springs will have a Test Plot Field Tour by Alex Wu in the morning and Mill Tours in the afternoon.

Come check it out!

Expo Schedule

in Torrington, WY

1700 E Valley Rd

1306 Main St

1548 Main St

2 locations

Wyoming Hemp Company
Hawk Springs, Wyoming

Eastern Wyoming College
Torrington, Wyoming

More info : (307) 222-9447

Wed. & Thur. Sep 6-7, 2023